Cyril Ramaphosa declares "The new Dawn" for South Africa's Economy

South Africa’s first investment conference meant to garner financial support as well as bring the economy with approximately R290 billion in real investment funds says President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The President Cyril Spoke at the Sandton Convention Center, Friday afternoon, and told invitees at that “the country is witnessing a new narrative”.

An additional R159bn in investments has been announced at the investment summit.

Ramaphosa says in addition to the R290bn invested on Friday, pledges amounting to R400bn have also been made.

“Our envoys, ministers, and myself have been going around the world. And in the course of these journeys, we have received pledges that we are going to follow up, and many of these amount to R400 billion.”

He says “…The new dawn, we are here to declare that we are determined to build a country that is driven by enterprise and innovation to develop a economy that is diversed…”

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