It's here: Eminem's Diss Track “Killshot”

Eminem gifted fans what they’ve been waiting for when he presented a diss track directed at Machine Gun Kelly called “Killshot” on September 14 (Friday).


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Eminem – Killshot

Killshot Lyrics: You sound like a bitch, bitch / Shut the fuck up / When your fans become your haters / You done? / Fuck, your beard’s weird / Alright / You yellin’ at the mic, you weird beard / We


Tom Hogan on Twitter

For Machine Gun Kelly fans arguing there’s even an ounce of relative competition between MGK and Eminem; MGK’s 5-year Google search activity trends… “It’s your moment, this is it, as big as you’re gonna get so enjoy it. Had to give you a career to destroy it.” 🤫😶😵 #Killshot

Derec Clark on Twitter

Yo I bet there were some rappers who thought Eminem was washed and were gonna go at him, then they heard #KILLSHOT and were like…

Bre’s Closet🛍 on Twitter

Anybody say Em diss is wack is either new generation or just don’t have a clue.. #KILLSHOT

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