You can go to jail for spreading fake news

The Hawks have warned that people who disseminate fake news could face criminal charges.

Cape Town – Fake news has been a part of human existence since the beginning, clinical and research psychologist Niel Victor said.
“Of course, the popularity of the name is unique to this age of knowledge, with wide access to information that is made available and distributed by individuals,” Victor said.

“In the past, knowledge had generally been managed and protected by the few – often some elite. This meant that (they) had the power to provide the perspective they wanted to people, and we started (referring to this) as propaganda, or as Orwell so eloquently put it in 1984 – (the view of) the ministry of information.”

Producers of fake news could rapidly alter their news to try and influence people to adopt a new perspective, and people could be susceptible to shifting their outlook and be attracted to other perspectives.

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