You’ve Never had a Flu Shots

The question you’ll hardly hear in any convo, what is it about Flu Shots that people tend to stay far-far away from, is it the needle, is the doctor not pretty enough, you don’t like people touching your ass?

Don’t be afraid we’ve got you, in this post I’ll cover everything you need to know about flu shots, the myths we all hear and talk about, and many-many more.

What is Flu Shots?

Flu shots are vaccines that protect you against infection by Influenza viruses.

How do Flu Shots work?

According to Center for Disease “Flu vaccines cause a large “variety of proteins” to build up in your body after vaccination. These large variety of proteins provide protection against infection with the viruses that are in the vaccine.”

Think of it like this when you get vaccines you basically tell your body “Ah, I recognised you from somewhere but I’ll keep this knife close to me, just in case.”

Myths you’ve heard About.

1. I Don’t Need a Flu vaccination

2. The Flu Shot Can Give You the Flu

This is a popular myth, and it’s just plain wrong. Flu vaccines given with a needle are an inactivated (“dead”) vaccine made of killed virus and are not (I repeat “are not”) infectious.

3. Myth: It’s Not the Right Time

4. Myth: The Flu Shot Doesn’t Work

Thanks to Uber South Africa in partnership with Discovery Health, Clicks and Dis-chem has implemented a new initiative to deliver the flu vaccines straight to your doorstep. Isn’t that amazing?

How it works visit IOL for more information.

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