How has former president Jacob Zuma impacted our lives as youths

As a youth, I’ve written in an unbiased, personal belief and judgment that is not founded on certainty. What exactly has Jacob Zuma done for the youth in his reign as the 4th Black President of South Africa.

  1. Combating HIV & AIDS – Look I get it our generation love having sex, and we don’t really play safe but you ask what does sex have to do with HIV & AIDS? Really, are you really going to ask me that question? Honestly since J.Zuma came into office, life for South African’s has increased to 62.4 years in 2016. Deaths due to TB dropped. This improvement was a contribution to J.Zuma’s changes in government policy regarding the fight against HIV/Aids and TB.
  2. Youth employment – Believe it or not J.Zuma implemented a new youth employment incentive which has put many young South Africans in work by attaching a tax incentive to employing the young. The latest figures show employers claimed between R6.3 billion between January 2014 and February 2016 as part of the incentive.

That’s it folks, this is how Jacob Zuma impacted our lives as youths’ in South Africa.

Let’s pray the 5th Black President of South African does more for the youth and implements new incentive that will help the betterment of our future. #DataMustFall

Tell me in the comments below what else you think Jacob Zuma has done as the 4th President of South Africa?

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