9 April Fool’s Pranks That Are Easy To Pull Off

Nobody gets hurt but it’s still hilarious, Try it for yourself.

1.  Put a note on individual’s car that states”sorry about the damage, had to leave” and watch them look all over for the absent damage.

Startup Stock Photos / Pexels

2.Text them random stuff to make them think they subscribed to it.


4. Make your roommate believe that your apartment has suddenly become infested with giant bugs.

5. Change the taste of their Oreo with edible Toothpaste

6. Give their tongue a new taste with Caramel Onions

7. Sew one of your kid’s socks closed halfway down.

8. Borrow your friend’s phone, change your contact name to “Mom,” and start sending hilarious un-mom-like messages.

9. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish.


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